Stories from the Western Sahara (2019)

Fine, just fine

4 – 6 dec 2019 ~ The few tourists who do venture to Dakhla the city will find it to be fine. Apart from it being at the center of the broader political issues surrounding the Western Sahara, there is really nothing bad to say about Dakhla. And yet… for a frontier town in one of the most remote places in the world, in an area disputed between a nomadic people and a country known for its spectacular ancient cities, in a place where North Africa is slowly starting to melt with West Africa, where there is so much construction and development going on that the air is practically buzzing… Dakhla is really quite tame and, dare I say it, almost boring..

Going nowhere, with saudades

3 – 4 dec 2019 ~ My first solo movement of the trip takes me, appropriately and perhaps unfortunately, on a very, very long bus ride into one of the most desolate territories in the world.

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