Morocco (2019)​
"gently" getting back in the travel groove
Morocco (2019)​
"gently" getting back in the travel groove

Stories from Morocco (2019)

Going nowhere, with saudades

3 – 4 dec 2019 ~ My first solo movement of the trip takes me, appropriately and perhaps unfortunately, on a very, very long bus ride into one of the most desolate territories in the world.

The monumental dumbass (and two lessons in economics)

27 nov – 2 dec 2019 ~ I’m not sure I’ve ever felt as dumb as when I bring Ananda to Marrakesh Airport. My thoughts are not at all with the awesome adventures that lie ahead. Why would any sane person leave for three months in search of “adventure” in some of the least developed places in the world, when I get to share my daily life with the most wonderful person, who brightens and expands my world on a daily basis?

The Art of Moroccan Salesmanship

29 nov – 2 dec 2019 ~ This time in Marrakesh, I am not alone, still poor, but with a wife that loves a bit of shopping. That also brings me into much closer contact with the curious art of Moroccan salesmanship. It can be equally infuriating, fascinating, and funny.

Four days with La Bahia

29 nov – 2 dec 2019 ~ So… here we go again… A solo backpacking trip in West Africa. Sounds familiar? It’s a continuation of my trip in 2014, but now I have an awesome job to go back to (so no unlimited travel time; 3 months max), and a most wonderful wife, which makes even a three week solo trip seem awfully long. Thankfully she’ll be accompanying me for my first four days in Marrakesh.

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