Celebrating Change

12 – 14 aug 2016

Amsterdam – Munich

In the summer of 2016, I finally got the chance to move out of the corporate world and into my dream job. In-between jobs, I had 3 weeks off, so I went backpacking. Having traveled south already, and there not being so much land to the west and north, I decided to go east. Looking for unusual and interesting destinations, I ended up looking at Georgia; a
smallish country on the Southern Caucasus, just about in Asia.

The plan became to spend 10 days traveling to Georgia overland, using trains, and when I got there, to spend another 10 days exploring the country.

The evening before my departure, I had a stroll through my hometown at the time, Amsterdam, with my girlfriend. You’ve gotta spend some quality time before 3 weeks of separation, haven’t you?

On the evening of my actual departure, I took the sleeper train to Munich. I met some friendly cabin buddies, and couldn’t resist taking the obligatory “train on the move” picture.

The following morning, I woke up just before we arrived in Munich. Like many German cities, the area around the main train station is a bit dilapidated and poor, with mostly immigrants living there. Getting further towards the old town, Munich starts to match your expectation of Bavaria’s capital city: a clean, pleasant, polite, rich city, but still one where people know how to enjoy themselves. Life seemed to be good in the parks, as well as in the churches, some of which were very richly (and dramatically) decorated…

Everywhere, buildings had painted-on 3D-effect decorations on the outside walls, which I found quite amusing in a city with such wealth and grandeur.

I spent a good chunk of my afternoon in a Biergarten (beer garden); it’s an exceedingly enjoyable way to spend a few hours on a beautiful summer day. Lots of good (and greasy) food, traditional music, lots of people having a good time, and glasses of delicious beer starting at half a litre…

Munich is not known for being the hippest city in Germany, but one really cool thing that they have is the river surfing, which happens on a spot where the water being led from the river to the park makes some nice waves.

I spent the evening having dinner and drinks with some Irish guys I met at my hostel. The following morning, after apparently having kept the Irish folks awake with my snoring (the joys of sleeping in a hostel dorm… my apologies!), my 24 hours in Munich were over, and it was time to move on to Budapest.

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